Ghibli Gumkiller

New to the Australian market is the Ghibli Gumkiller, which is the ideal unit for removing chewing gum and posters from walls, footpaths and street furniture with the greatest of ease and without causing any damage to surfaces. This multi-purpose unit also has the capacity to provide a range of other applications such as disinfecting surfaces where organic residues are problematic, clean monuments and buildings from material such as moss and pollution dirt, degassing tanks that hold explosive gases and sterilising containers of different sizes.

With its large 200 litre capacity water tank constructed from corrosion resistant material, coupled with a special double safety hand lance (180°C), the Ghibli Gumkiller can easily remove up to 3000 pieces of chewing gum from any surface utilising steam pressure (10 bar – 179°C). Providing further flexibility is the unique feature of hot or cold water pressure (130 bar – 10 litre/minute at 90°C) enabling you to customise your unit to meet your specific cleaning requirements. The Ghibli Gumkiller is a self contained unit that can be supplied as a skid unit only ready for mounting on your own vehicle or ready to go on its own purpose built trailer.