Ghibli Skid Unit 180/21 DE-HR

New to the Australian market is the Ghibli Skid Unit 180/21 DE-HR that can easily and safely eliminate contaminates, graffiti and gum from a range of sensitive and valuable surfaces.

The Ghibli Skid Unit 180/21 DE-HR is a multi-purpose self contained unit ideally suited to high pressure water cleaning applications within the industrial, municipal, civil and military fields. This unit was specifically designed to utilise the latest technology in high pressure water cleaning whilst maintaining an environmentally friendly approach with no need for chemicals. The Ghibli Skid Unit 180/21 DE-HR is extremely quiet and economical to run thus being the ideal equipment for use within city centres to carry out a variety of cleansing solutions when removing graffiti, chewing gum and posters & stickers from a range of surfaces. This multi-functional unit is also ideally suited to maintaining open spaces, footpaths, kerbs, monuments and building facades from material such as moss, mould, smog and bird residues including the most stubborn dirt efficiently and effectively.

Powered by a three (3) cylinder diesel engine, the Ghibli Skid Unit 180/21 DE-HR has an output of 16 HP complete with automatic revolution regulator and an electronic ignition. The ceramic and titanium water pump enables the operator to easily adjust the pressure from 25 to 180 bar and variable from 300 to 1260 litres/hour providing flexibility to the specific task at hand. With the highly desirable hand lance and a range of additional attachments available, the Ghibli Skid Unit 180/21 DE-HR can easily be adapted to undertake a range of tasks all from this one comprehensive unit.