Scarab Merlin Hino FE 1426 Street Sweeper

The Scarab Merlin is a versatile truck mounted sweeper capable of handling the toughest of sweeping jobs. It is equipped with Scarab’s unique, well-proven and successful single-engine hydrostatic drive system to operate the driveline transmission, suction fan and all sweeper functions. This enables the sweeper to be driven as a conventional vehicle to each work site and then once ready to commence work; the vehicle can be hydrostatically engaged for sweeping. The hydrostatic drive system gives all the advantages of a considerable variable speed control to optimise sweeping, without the need to change gear for reversing, reducing slipping and wear of the clutch and the use of brakes and clutch to control speed on hills. Indeed, the vehicle engine needs only to be running at around 1200 rpm, ensuring long life.

The Scarab Merlin is equipped with a number of features including a rear mounted hopper of 6.2m³ capacity and constructed entirely from corrosion resistant stainless steel, large convoluted air filter screens on either side of the hopper which enhances suction power and minimises blockages and the latest version of the renowned CANbus control system. Also available is a range of additional options that can be fitted to your Scarab Merlin ensuring your sweeper is built tailored to your specification requirements.

The CANbus control system is a compact, non-intrusive console consisting of two control panels (main & door pod equipped with an ergonomic joy stick) and an LCD Colour Monitor with enhanced data logging facilities, fault identification and corrective system allied to real time display of system information within the cab. In addition to the in-cab controls, the latest version of the CANbus control system comprises a wander lead controller stored within the cab that allows the driver to stand at the rear of the chassis whilst they operate the hopper or rear door controls.

The Benefits of Scarab’s CANbus Technology:

  • Illuminated symbols when the sweeping functions have been engaged
  • A more compact, less intrusive console and door pod with improved ergonomics.
  • Simplified chassis wiring – minimising errors such as short or open circuits
  • Lower servicing down-time with the ability to identify faults with self diagnostics