About Us

For over four decades, Rosmech has constantly updated and improved its product range to provide customers with the best performing and easiest to operate road sweepers, making the company the largest Australian-based-and-owned road sweeping manufacturer and one of the world’s leading suppliers of dual steered sweepers.

Rosmech works closely with international sweeper suppliers like Scarab, Mathieu, and Roots Multiclean, in conjunction with cab chassis manufacturers Hino and Isuzu, to input subtle changes to the sweeper design that better suit the Australian landscape and conditions.

A production team based at Rosmech’s headquarters in Salisbury Plain are exceedingly experienced in the niche sweeper market and have become extremely effective at modifying each truck to suit the customers requests and preferred options required to carry out various municipal and contracting tasks.

Rosmech’s employees are very conscious of the environment and aim to minimize any negative effect on it, as a result, they have implemented numerous strategies within their vehicles to decrease water usage whilst managing to increase water coverage and to apply higher suction power with less fuel consumption – reducing carbon emissions.

Every mainland state in Australia has a Rosmech branch within it, allowing the company’s sales, after sale service, service technicians, and spare parts teams to support every type of customer enquiry.

Rosmech’s sister company Enviro sweep is the largest road sweeping contractor in the Southern Hemisphere and own 140 Rosmech/Scarab sweepers, plainly indicating that if you demand the best and want the job done right, Rosmech is the sweeper for you.