Rosmech undertake a comprehensive training program consisting of both theory and practical aspects for operators and workshop personnel. Our training incorporates all Occupational, Health & Safety requirements, including but not limited to, daily vehicle checks, main features of the Scarab Sweeper, lubrication and grease points, sweeping and suction equipment, pneumatic valve function, screens and fans, dust suppression, trouble shooting advice, CANbus self-diagnostics and vehicle practical training throughout your area.

Upon completion of the training, each competent employee will receive a certificate with detailed manuals that outline all aspects of utilising the sweeper and it functions.

Rosmech feels by completing the above mentioned training; this will provide peace of mind that Council’s operators are fully trained in the safe operation of all aspects of using the sweeper. Refresher training is also available for employees that have previously operated a street sweeper.

Rosmech can also offer our Advanced Workshop training for your mechanics to provide them an understanding of the vehicles Electro-Hydraulics, Electro-Pneumatics, CANbus System, Change-over system and location of Electrical Components including diagnostics and fault finding.