Rosmech Broom Service

Our Rosmech Broom Service team’s primary aim is to ensure your Rosmech sourced sweeper(s) operate with the most productive and efficient sweeping tools available. We are focussed on you achieving the best cost benefit outcome from your sweeper(s) and certifying your investment in vehicle and driver is maximized through supporting your operational goals to keep your sweeper on the road and working to its highest potential. Brooms are a crucial factor in this process and having long lasting, fully functioning, and top-quality brooms is essential for every Road Sweeper.

We supply over 35 varying brooms for a range of versatile Rosmech and Fayat built (Scarab & Mathieu) sweeping vehicles. Road Sweeping manufacturing and distribution is Rosmech’s sole purpose and possesses our entire focus, thus minimizing any distractions and, in turn, allowing us to implement the safest and most efficient handling characteristics as well as to develop a broom catalogue stacked with excellent design, robust materials, and a range of broom products that meet and often exceed all warranty requirements. They are entirely designed for the machines we sell and the Australian conditions in which they are used.

Our two major broom suppliers are European based; both have a rich history of successful and innovative broom design and manufacturing. Their facilities are modern and operate using clean energy in order meet strict EU Environmental Regulations. Rosmech apply Australian input into these models to combat our nations’ uniquely demanding conditions. We also listen to our customers and work in conjunction with our suppliers to offer new products and specific operational features should the need occur. Australian conditions are tough, and you need proactive broom supply to get the best from your sweeper, Rosmech will help you achieve that. Our brooms are also the safest to use and install/remove. We know our brooms are effective because we use them too and we are the sole supplier of brooms to the largest road sweeping contractor in the Southern Hemisphere, Enviro Sweep.

Our broom service is national with local supplies in 5 states and a select number of freight companies to get them to your precise location.