Azura MC 210 FLEX Multi-Combination Sweeper / Scrubber

The Azura Flex MC 210 is an innovative new unit which encompasses the highlights of both the highly successful Azura for Sweeping and the Aquazura for Scrubbing requirements along with offering a range of new features all in one modern unit.

This extremely versatile unit enables you to configure your sweeper with the assistance of various attachments to undertake a range of applications such as scrubbing, washing, weed clearance and winter maintenance. With one single hand movement the attachments can be switched within minutes enabling you to tailor your machine according to your requirements.

Designed as a compact multi-purpose unit, the Azura Flex MC 210 is ideal for cleaning footpaths, car parks, shopping precincts, bike paths and open spaces.

It boasts a large 2.0 cubic metre stainless steel hopper and up to 600 litre clean water capacity providing generous benefits from being able to be operated for longer periods of time along with reducing the number of trips to unload the waste that has been collected.

It also creates further efficiencies with its sweep width being larger than that of similar machines allowing for one single pass to collect debris and bulky waste. Its cleaning method has been designed to be non-aggressive to the environment and to be suited to all types of surfaces.

With the high quality sound proofing and comfort of its king size air-conditioned cabin and with all controls combined on a single joystick, operator ease of use and safety has been at the forefront of the design specification.

This multi-faceted unit allows you to combine your cleaning resources in a single machine providing operational and cost benefits to anyone who has the Azura Flex MC 210 within their fleet.