2009 Rosmech Merlin Mounted on UD MK 6 cab

2009 Rosmech Merlin road sweeper is a reliable and enduring workhorse, having undergone minimal attention to maintain its operational efficiency. The water tanks have been refitted, and any air leaks have been attended to, as have all seals, spigots, rear doors, and side inspection latches. The electric broom tilt on the left-hand side has been rectified to ensure optimal performance. Both left-hand and right-hand side nozzle boxes have been meticulously inspected and configured to factory specifications.

The fan, demonstrating commendable functionality on both standard and boost modes, has received due attention. The cab maintains a commendable state of neatness and tidiness, with all components in their designated positions. While the air conditioning system is operational, it has been re-gassed for enhanced efficiency. The central control pad is in pristine condition, with all functions operating as intended, mirroring the excellence found in the door pod controls.

In essence, this sweeping vehicle presents a prudent investment, assuring prospective buyers of its continued efficiency in the hands of discerning operators.

Key Features

– Overhead mounted boom with a one wonder hose extension

– Directional arrow bar on rear

– Front and rear rotating beacons

– CCTV system with 3 external cameras | 1 rear of vehicle, both left and right sweep gears

– In cabin 1.5kg fire extinguisher

– Tinted windows

– Battery isolator


Please note: All vehicle images are for illustrative purposes only. We strongly suggest that you view the machine to form your own opinion. All pre-owned units offered for sale or sold by Rosmech Sales & Service Pty. Ltd. are under the conditions of “As Is, Where Is – No Warranty or Guarantee supplied, implied or offered, what so-ever”.